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Dear friend,With a great emotion the WTKA World Championships of Karate is arriving.As you know the work is very hard but the delight to live together this experience in the name of KARATE-DO makes us full of energies and enthusiasm. And the sacrifices become emotions.For us Karate means love, Karate is the way to fell the interior peace, to find the union with everything.Train yourself, go over yours limits with the happiness in your hearts and if you will lose a match on the tatami, as in your life, don?t be discouraged but try hard to make yours techniques and your soul more bigger.Try to feel ‘no arrogance in the winning, no regrets for the defeat’.This is my wish about your World Championships.We have to study Karate in every form and every meaning with all our energies loving our art, loving our life.As the ancient warriors used their sword to train their life comprehension: ‘don’t exist on the life way closed gates for the man that wants to continue on one?s way. If you want arrive somewhere follow the right way and you will became the way.’Karate is our way, the way that we had choose to light our existences.With loveMr. Michele PanfiettiWTKA World President

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