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Results of UGC VI – Lister beats Schmidt in Superfight

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The Ultimate Grappling Challenge VI was held on September 24th in the Jahnhalle in 72116 M?ssingen/Germany and attracted 153 athletes from 14 countries. Here are the complete results. Detailed reports and pictures will follow the next days on Division:Juniors B Open Class:1. Place Nicolas Penzer, Behring Jiu-Jitsu Stuttgart/Germany2. Place Alexandre Neyroud, Swiss Top Fighters/Switzerland3. Place Michael Knorr, Frankonia Combat Club/GermanyWomen -54,9 kg:1. Place Verena Oberst, Luta Livre Luctatio W?rzburg/Germany2. Place Cartja Reith, Cologne Free Fighters/Germany3. Place Nicole Hartl, Kampfkunstzentrum Passau/GermanyWomen -65,9 kg:1. Place Christina Langer, Alliance BJJ/Germany2. Place Annika Sitter, Kamikaze Dojo N?rtingen – German Top Team/Germany3. Place Tanja Hilmer, Fightskool Hannover/GermanyMen -65,9 kg:1. Place Kinji Matsuura, Swiss Top Fighters/Switzerland2. Place Carlos Verona, Team Choco/Spain3. Place Mickael Daboville, Lutte Club Chenove/FranceMen -76,9 kg:1. Place Kris Kryszczuk, Swiss Top Fighters/Switzerland2. Place Ole Berg, Frontline Oslo/Norway3. Place Alejandro Martinez, Crazy Valencia/SpainMen -87,9 kg:1. Place Yasubey Enomoto, Fight World/Switzerland2. Place Jean-Marie Lagier, Swiss Top Fighters/Switzerland3. Place Alain Kunz, Fightgym Aarau/SwitzerlandMen -98,9 kg:1. Place Kamil Uminski, Cyclone Luta Livre Warsaw/Poland2. Place Rafal Pacanowski, Walka Gniezo BJJ/Poland3. Place Jens Ruske, Bushido Free Fight Team/GermanyMen +99 kg:1. Place Carsten Zielgler, RFS Vale Tudo Team Saarbr?cken/Germany2. Place Dario Bandov, Suum Cuique Mainz/Germany3. Place Daniel Maier, JJAC Wohlen/SwitzerlandAdvanced Division:Women Open Class:1. Place Dina van den Hoven, Team Martijn DeJong/Holland2. Place Kath Gifford, London Shootfighters/UK3. Place Sabrina Cohen, Cardiff MMA/UKMen -65,9 kg:1. Place Mike C?ppers, Cologne Free Fighters/Germany2. Place Maurice Goffart, Exit BJJ/Belgium3. Place Corrado Sabatini, Storm Fight Club/ItalyMen -76,9 kg:1. Place Franco De Leonardis, Team Friedrich – German Top Team/Germany2. Place Alessio Di Liberti, Gladiatori Labronici/Italy3. Place Wim Deputter, Exit BJJ/BelgiumMen -87,9 kg:1. Place ‘Tito’ Beltran, Crazy Valencia/Spain2. Place Peter Frontera, MAG Augsburg/Germany3. Place Patrick De Caro, BTT Switzerland/SwitzerlandMen -98,9 kg:1. Place Radoslav Turek, Cyclone Luta Livre Warsaw/Poland2. Place Bartolome Aguilera, Fight Team Impact/Luxembourg3. Place Marius Maissen, Fightgym Aarau/SwitzerlandMen +99 kg:1. Place Marko Zsch?rner, Bushido Free Fight Team/Germany2. Place Timo Bayer, Suum Cuique Mainz/Germany3. Place Gregor Szymzcyk, Walka Gniezo BJJ/PolandAbolute Class:1. Place Radoslav Turek, Cyclone Luta Livre Warsaw/Poland2. Place Lukas Blazek, Bushido Free Fight Team/Germany3. Place Patrick De Caro, BTT Switzerland/SwitzerlandUGC Superfight:1. Place Dean Lister, San Diego/USA2. Place Andreas Schmidt, Andycona – German Top Team/GermanyEuropean SHIDO MMA Grand Prix:Men -70 kg:1. Place Tomas Zyrik, Fightskool Hannover/Germany2. Place Panajotis Makis, Kamikaze Dojo N?rtingen – German Top Team/GermanyMen -77 kg:1. Place Stefan Wurster, Kamikaze Dojo N?rtingen – German Top Team/Germany2. Place Kostas Korovillas, Kamikaze Dojo N?rtingenMen -84 kg:1. Place Vlajko Perovic, KSA Backnang – German Top Team/Germany2. Place Cem Soydan, Stallions Cage Stuttgart/Germany3. Place Joel Tozzi, Ultima Nice/France

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