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Prepare, engage and conquer?Study strategy over the years and achieve the spirit of the warrior. Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men.? −Miyamoto MushashiBudo (The Spirit of the Warrior) was defined in the Gorin-no-Sho (Book of Five Rings) by Japanese samurai Musashi. Modern fighting events have lost the essence of Budo − the use of strategy and honor to achieve spiritual victory − and simply become tests of raw strength, brute power, and uncontrolled violence. To restore the ?art? in martial arts, Rickson Gracie has conceived the ?Budo Challenge?, a revolutionary concept to restore strategy and honor to martial arts competition.?The spirit of the warrior is not only a fighting philosophy,? says Rickson, ?it is also the basis of a code that says ?prepare, engage and conquer?. Living by this code will aid the individual in any situation. By incorporating warrior concepts into the Budo Challenge, my goal is to reintroduce the ancient concepts of discipline, preparation, commitment and technical knowledge with the objective of a clear victory not only to contemporary fighters but to fans everywhere also. Once people see the non-stop action, excitement, and strategy that true Budo combat brings, they will be drawn to martial arts like never before.?To reflect the modern warrior values, the first Budo Challenge will pit four fighters in six different weight classes, each representing their own martial art and wearing a gi, fighting three, three-minute rounds, to determine preferably by submission, who is the best. No strikes or kicks are allowed. A new and unique set of rules have been formulated so that strategy, action, and submission attempts are rewarded while stalling and controlling your opponent with no purpose or intent is penalized. A single point is scored for achieving common grappling positions, while multiple points are awarded for submission attempts which cause the opponent to execute a technique to escape. The goal of the Budo Challenge is to reward strategy, originality and action so the best warriors truly win.The following prize money will be awarded per weight division: 1st Place – $4,000; 2nd Place – $2,000; 3rd Place – $500 (two prizes) Additional monetary prizes will be awarded for best fight, best submission, and most technical fighter. All fighters will have their transportation and hotel costs covered (food not included). The Budo Challenge is currently accepting applications in the following weight classes: – Under 59.99 Kg (132 lbs) – From 60 Kg to 67.99 Kg (149.60 lbs) – From 68 Kg to 76.99 Kg (170 lbs)- From 77 Kg to 86.99 Kg (192 lbs)- From 87 Kg to 97.99 Kg (216 lbs)- Over 98 Kg (over 216 lbs). To apply email your martial arts style, competition record, photo, and personal stats to the Budo Challenge Selection Committee in care of Kid Peligro at [email protected].Fighters should be prepared to be in Los Angeles, California from October 17th through the 21st

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