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How would you feel if you went back to your house after work tomorrow and found it burned down and all your belongings destroyed? Angry? Shocked? Depressed? Tearful?As Americans return after the devastation of Katrina to flooded homes, destroyed homes or homes that have floated away, we have an opportunity to let them know we care. Wouldn?t we appreciate it if someone helped us with money to stay in a hotel, buy food or a shovel to dig mud out of our kitchen, rent a water pump or a dumpster, or buy a new bed so you’d have somewhere to sleep?Donations say to single moms who have no savings, ‘I care.’ They say to an elderly or handicapped person, ‘You’re not alone.’ They say to a family, ‘There is hope.’Puder Strength Training has seen the need to help communities with this disaster. Please help us by donating generously today to assist with the most urgent needs. We will accept all levels of donations. We are contacting local churches and will be working with the Salvation Army in dispersing the donation. The use of the money will be on the main page of The recipients will thank you!Daniel Puder is excited to help out and hope you will too. For the next two months all the profit from all t-shirts sold on will be donated to help with the relief. Go there to find out the amount of the donations and where they are going. Thank you for your support and please leave us your email address so we can inform you about what were doing in the future. Donations can be sent to the address below.[email protected] Breckinridge LN #100Louisville, KY 40207

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