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Kingdom’s team shines at competition

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AMMAN ? The Jordanian team took home the gold in the capital’s first international competition of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on Saturday.Stealing the show with first and second place wins in all five weight categories as well as in the open fight competition, the Jordanian fighters showed opponents how it’s done at the First Jordan Cup for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).Leading the team with gold wins were: Ahmad Abeidallah in the 66kg and under category, Zaid Abu Saud in the 77kg and under category, Mohammed Mirza in the 88kg and under category, Muhannad Samara in the 99kg and under category as well as in the open division, and Yehya Mohammed Hussein in the over 99kg category.?The Jordan team closed in all brackets. The players qualified in the finals, and the first place position was fought by two Jordanian teammates who were pitted against each other,? said Zaid Mirza, organiser of the tournament.?It feels great to come out on top,? said gold medal winner Zaid Abu Saud. ?My final match was against one of the best fighters and it was a good overall fight.?Mohammed Mirza shared the same enthusiasm as his teammate: ?I was very excited to have beaten my opponent who is a black belt in judo. I went in wanting to surprise him and tried a takedown, when that didn’t work I pulled an armlock and won the fight.??This tournament was a way to get more people involved in training in the sport, not just first-timers but fighters from different sports such as wrestling and judo who are being educated on BJJ and realise how exciting it is,? Zaid Mirza said.The one-day event brought together 60 local, regional and international fighters from six nations, including teams from the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Egypt, US and Saudi Arabia. Read the rest of the article at the JORDAN TIMES!

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