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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu news . . . 2005 Worlds is history in more ways than one

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2005 Worlds the drama continues next year!What is it about Roger Gracie and Ronaldo Jacare that make their matches so special? Is it because they are so great and such fierce competitors that it seems that every victory is controversial? Is it because they are so competitive and so good that it seems unfair when one of them loses? Regardless of why and what these two are making history every time they fight! And with a cast of stars so hot that it makes you wonder how good can the sport get?Quick summary as it is so late I can hardly keep my eyes open. Roger submitted all his opponents until the finals (winning over Xande by points in a great match), includng a resounding win over Fernando Margarida with a choke from the back. Jacare is a force of nature that won every one of his matches by submisison until he Absolute final, including a weight division submission over super-stud Braulio ‘Carcara’. In the absolute finals a strategic Jacare waited until the late stages of the fight to launch his takedown attempt that was the clincher. Much like last year the crowd was divided into whether the decision point scoring was right or not as Roger escaped out of bounds the takedown attempt. Some thought it should have been an advantage while others thought points were correctly awarded, but it is all history now, as Jacare repeats as Absolute Champion! Now we must wait for 2006 to see the next chapter of ‘As the BJJ Worlds Turns’.Quick Results:- Super Heavy: Roger defeats Xande Ribeiro by 12 x 2- Medium heavy: Ronaldo Jacare beats Braulio Estima by pts 6 x 0 (Corrected – Braulio escaped a tight arm-lock)- Rooster: Samuel Braga defeats Gabriel Moraes by ref. decision- Super feather: Bibiano beats Carlos Vieira by advantage 6 x 6 pts – Feather: Fredson Paixao defeats Mario Reis by 5 x 0- Light: Celso Vinicius beats Tiago Alves by 2 x 0- Medium: Andre Galvao defeats Felipe Cranivata via foot-lock- Heavy: Robert Drysdale beats Fernando Boi by advantages (2 x 1)- Over: Francisco Fernandes defeats Marcio Corleta by advantage (1 x 0)- Open class: Ronaldo Jacare defeats Roger Gracie by 2 x 0 (takedown)Ladies:Light: Leka Vieira defeated Kyra Gracie by advantages sfter 2 x 2 pointsFeather: Bianca Andrade defeated Let?cia Ribeiro by 6×0

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