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Garcia repeats as Champion in 2005 Photo Kid PeligroPRODUCTION ON SCHEDULE!! 7 DVD Set of ADCC 2005 SHIPPING IN JULY! – save $20, plus free shipping on all pre-orders EXCLUSIVELY at FIGHTMARKET.COM!In 2003 he was a last minute replacement that surprised and shocked everyone with his killer move. Taking everyone’s back and submitting most of his opponent’s Marcelo Garcia was, arguably, the star of the show.Coming into 2005 ADCC as the defending Champion and with huge expectations from everyone to repeat or even surpass his previous performance, the pressure was on Garcia. Did he flinch? Not even; showing the World that he is much more than a ‘one trick poney’, Garcia used his entire repertoire of moves on his way to repeating as U76KG Champion, a 3rd place in the absolute and winner of the ‘best fight award’ for his match with Rico Rodrigues. Here is what the Champ has to say about his performance and his plans for the near future: KP- Congratulations on your win. This time you came in as the favorite and the defending champion instead of the unknown darkhorse, was it more difficult this time? MG- I think it was like the other times, but this time I had to fight knowing that everybody was already expecting my moves. So I had to show them that I could do other stuff too. KP- In 2003 no one knew your game and you surprised a lot of people. Now many were prepared for your move getting the back and some even had a special strategy going in to defend your signature move. Did it make a difference? Did you have to change anything? MG- I am used to trainning at my gym ( Alliance ) where everybody knows what I do best, so I don’t think that it was a problem for me. But I improved my game creating new moves for when they defend it.KP- How did you prepare for the competition?MG- This time, I trained a little more with no gi, since late last year when my teamates where trainning for the trials. I basically trained Gi in the morning and No-GI in the afternoon. But the basis of my game is the Gi KP- What was your most difficult fight?MG- This time it was Jacare, because I was caught by surprise with him pulling to the guard. KP- Your performance in the weight and the absolute had several people calling you the ‘state of the art’ in Jiu-Jitsu today, also the best ‘pound-for-pound’ fighter in the game today, what do you say to that? MG- I think that it happens because I try to make my Jiu Jitsu game work with all kinds of styles and weight differences. KP- What do you think is your best asset?MG- I think that is the fact that I fight the entire fight, I am not afraid of losing, so I don’t stall. KP- What do you like best in a tournament and in fighting?MG- The feeling of mission accomplished!! No matter what the outcome is. Just means the end of a cycle. KP- What are your plans for the rest of the year?MG- I am thinking in a short period of time, my plan now is the worlds, and then some seminars that are already scheduled for September, after that , I don’t know… KP- Thank you so much, any last words?MG- I will be giving some seminars in August and September, if anyone is interest in participating, or holding a seminar , please contact [email protected].. I will be in San Francisco, Chicago, Hawai and New York. And I would like to thank everybody that believed in me, and will keep on cheering for me!!

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