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Fedrigo celebrates Chute Boxe victories

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with M.Dunlop and Rafael WerneckTwo fighters among the four Pride Middleweight Grand Prix finalists is what Chute Boxe achieved after GP’s 2nd round, held on June 26th at Saitama Super Arena, Japan. In Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro, to promote Meca’s next edition, Chute Boxe leader Rudimar Fedrigo has his hands full, but before the event he managed some time to talk to ADCC News about the victories of Mauricio Shogun Rua over Rogerio Minotouro Nogueira and Wanderlei Silva over Kazuhiro Nakamura. ‘We are truly happy with the results. It all happened just like we planned, from the beginning until the end. We heard the people of Curitiba (where Chute Boxe headquarters arelocated) stayed up all the night until Sunday morning. Our city stopped to watch the fights’ says Rudimar, in reference to the fact that for the first time a Pride edition was broadcast live to Brazil, via pay-per-view. Asked about the final round, Rudimar Fedrigo told us he has no idea about what are going to be the duels to a spot at the grand decision. ‘I haven’t spoken to President Nobuyuki Sakakibara yet, but I thing there is a good chance for us to watch Mauricio Shogun against Ricardo Arona. Pride’s managers like the ‘brother’ factor and Ricardo Arona has already defeated Murilo Ninja (Shogun’s brother). They did the same thing with Quinton Jackson. But who has the final word is President Sakakibara’ states Fedrigo. According to Fedrigo, his pupils are ready to face anyone Pride might wants and they expect to have a Chute Boxe-only final. ‘Every fight is unique and we will prepare our fighters the best way we can. I sincerely believes that the decision will be between Mauricio Shogun and Wanderlei Silva’ ends Fedrigo.

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