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By Alexandre Lobo/ Team TATAMEBesides taking the BJJ World Cup to the second biggest city in Latin America, S?o Paulo, the Olympic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Confederation is also making history this year by marketing it’s main stars, the black belt fighters. FOr the 2005 World Cup, all black belt fights will be on Sunday (24th of July), in an exclusive competition called BJJ Worlds Black Belt. Stars like Ronaldo Jacar?, Rodrigo Comprido, Fernando Margarida, Leonardo Santos and Michelle Tavares will be fighting for a pool of prizes totalling US$41 thousand. Also, for the first time, the competition will be broadcast live all over the world. TATAME TV, associated with the biggest streaming server in Brazil, will be bringing via the internet the events of July 24th, the day with the most important BJJ fighters in the world, in real time. TO avoid any problems, the access will be limited to five thousand people, so sit comfortably in front of your computers! Besides fights, TATAME TV will give their web viewers interviews, on the spot moments from the border of the mat and backstage scenes of the biggest BJJ tournament ever produced. Pay-per-view sales are being at the TATAMEShop for US$4,10, with a special prize for the first 1000 subscribers. For mores datails and to join, access

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