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Since TATAME magazine has been building a solid and respected reputation on the MMA scene for the last ten years, we write open letter to clarify some recent facts. In his last interview with Team TATAME, the Brazilian fighter Assuerio Silva commented about his new contract with the Utimate Fighting Championship. Asked about his debut in the UFC, he stated that he was quiet and confident in his victory, because UFC wasn’t as difficult as Pride is. Using his own words he said: ‘The tough guys are in Pride. It’s not difficult to win UFC’s belt nowadays’. After the interview was posted at here at a few days ago, UFC’s producers became very upset with Assuerio’s quotes. Then, with the risk of having his contract broken, Assuerio called TATAME and repented about what he had said to us. Assuerio asked if it was possible for us to change the interview omitting, the part where he compares Pride and UFC. Despite the text already posted, we passed Assuerio request on and the text was changed.Astonishingly, after that Assuerio’s manager has distributed a release throughout the internet in which he stated TATAME may have edited or fabricated Assuerio’s words. That’s absolutely not true. The truth is Assuerio was not courageous enough to admit exactly what he had stated to Team TATAME. We hope UFC and Assuerio can keep their good relationship, but, please, the price for that cannot be by denigrating Team TATAME’s work. To Assuerio’s manager, Ed Soares, we have a messsage: ‘Hey Ed, next time, teach your guy to only say what he has the balls to back up’.Team TATAME

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