DENIS MARTINS: Congratulations on your 2 awards at ADCC 2005. How much time did you prepare yourself for the tourney? JULIANA: Thank you. To win these two titles, I have to mention several people that helped me. Fernando Boi (the person who gave me my black-belt), training partners like Roberto ‘Gordo’ Magalhaes, Ricardo Liborio, Renato Tavares, Flavio Cabral, and Alejo Morales. Since last year, I have kept a high pace of fighting. This year, I had a goal of reaching a good position in the Pan-American of Wrestling (April), and this event supported my game for ADCC. Starting early May, I have dedicated all my time and energy to ADCC 2005. DENIS MARTINS: What did you think about the ADCC Club creating a female league? JULIANA: I was proud to show that the women have earned their place in the Submission scene and that we (women) can give a good show in competition. We have a high level of skill to make it. I feel very positive because I watched a lot of Brazilian women giving it their best and making their names in ADCC. DENIS MARTINS: When did you start to train for martial arts? JULIANA: I was always involved in sports such as gymnastics, handball, basketball and swimming. I was a hyper-active kid; my father was a Judo black-belt and I watched him in competitions. When I was 12, I started practicing judo with my uncle (a black-belt, too). When I went to University to study, I started on jiu-jitsu to improve my Judo background techniques (neo-waza). After I graduated from school, I started on wrestling and I still train for wrestling. DENIS MARTINS: Have you always had support from your family? JULIANA: Yes, because they practiced martial arts and it made my road easier. They have assisted in my career because I don’t have sponsors. 2005 was harder for me because I didn’t keep my job. My parents supported me, but I was fully aware of my decisions and I had no regrets about it. DENIS MARTINS: What are your main awards/titles in martial arts? JULIANA: In Jiu Jitsu I’m 4x Mundial champion, Pan-American champion and 3x Brazilian champion. In Wrestling I’m 2x Pan-American champion, 3x Brazilian champion, 3x Brazilian Olympic Circuit champion and Desafio Internacional (Copa CBLA 2004)champion. Now I am ADCC 2005 Champion and Absolute Champion! 1st ever for women!DENIS MARTINS: Your first fight at ADCC 2005 was a hard fight against Hanette Quadros, as she was one of the favorites. Did you like facing her first? JULIANA: Hanette is a nice person and a fighter who I admire a lot. I felt such as we’re battling in the final and I really liked that it had happened.DENIS MARTINS: What were your points in this match against Hanette? JULIANA: We battled in the National competition in Brazil, so we know each other’s game. I knew that the fight would be tough and I tried to take her down to work on my ground-game. DENIS MARTINS: Was this your hardest fight of the whole competition? JULIANA: Each match is the hardest one. I don’t like to underestimate any of my opponents and I tried to impose a strategy over each of them. DENIS MARTINS: You fought in your weight class and in the absolute. In what weight class did you develop better for your game? JULIANA: I debuted in that weight, everything was new for me. I fought better in the absolute weight-class, as I didn’t fight to give a show in each fight. I imposed my tactic to block my adversaries’ best points and then I think my game-plan worked perfectly. DENIS MARTINS: Did you see someone else who you’d like to face? JULIANA: I respect all fighters and if I have an opportunity of facing one of them, I don’t see any problem with this. I don’t have any rivalry with any fighter. I think that the numbers of good women competing in this sport makes our level increase, and it’s important. DENIS MARTINS: Among the men, what’s your opinion? JULIANA: The level was higher and it motivates me to train more and improve my technique. DENIS MARTINS: After ADCC 2005, you fought NAGA and won a no-gi bracket. What can you tell us about this experience? JULIANA: Two weeks after ADCC, I fought NAGA in the female (no-gi and gi) and the male (no-gi). This was the first time that I competed among the men. I didn’t have any responsibility and I fought like I trained. I know the men are stronger than me, but even so I fought giving my best. I believe that the fact I train with men and the motivation that ATT gave me was a point in my favor. DENIS MARTINS: Was the strength your main trouble for competing against the men? JULIANA: Even though I train with men, I felt the strength difference. But I see a good aspect in it, because it added more to my game. I train with fighters from several weights in my academy and I learn a lot from it. DENIS MARTINS: Did you get any reaction on the men’s face when you beat them? JULIANA: I respect them, but I noted they didn’t like it much. Independent of the situation, I believe that all fighters should be humble. I think that you can learn from all situations and it doesn’t matter if you lost to a woman or a man, just try to capture the experience to improve as a fighter and person. DENIS MARTINS: Do you intend to fight in MMA? JULIANA: I’d like to. I started this stuff and I want to see how my training will develop. DENIS MARTINS: What do you know about the Ladies MMA World? JULIANA: I didn’t have opportunity of seeing any ladies’ fight, so I don’t have much knowledge to answer your question. But I know the women are conquering their place in the Fight-World. DENIS MARTINS: What are your next career steps? JULIANA: In August, I’ll compete in the World University Wrestling Championships and in September in World Wrestling Championship in Hungary. I don’t know if I’ll take part in the MUNDIAL de Jiu Jitsu 2005, because I don’t have sponsors. I’ll try to compete here in America if the opportunities arise. I’ll continue on my hard training-sessions to improve my physical condition with my conditioner, Benkei, and my technical part with ATT’s coaches. Of course I’ll start my long road until the Olympic Games in 2008. DENIS MARTINS: Would you like to give us a message? JULIANA: I’d like to thank all the people who contributed to my career. I’d like to thank God for giving me the opportunity of making a career from what I like, my family (uncles, aunts, grandfathers and cousins), my friends (Fernando, Flavio, Morales, Marcao all teammates from ATT, plus the coaches Tavares and Liborio) and the people from Tribo do Acai from Goiania, and restaurant Rizzo Gourmet from Rio de Janeiro. DENIS MARTINS: Thank you for this opportunity to interview you. JULIANA: Thank you too and you at ADCC News, do a good job and thank you for the opportunity!

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