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Five quick questions to ADCC up to 88kg champion and absolute runner up Ronaldo Jacare

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Jacare catches another prey – Photo (c)Kid PeligroHe arrived at The Pyramid just a few minutes before his first fight at ADCC 2005 edition. He was not coming from a hotel room, but from LAX, where Ronaldo Jacare landed Saturday morning, May 28th, coming from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The current absolute BJJ world champion and Brasa black belt had some problems to renew his visa and even after all the difficulties managed to win the up to 88kg category and finished at second place the absolute. We caught up with Jacare and asked him five quick questions about this whole adventure?Check it out! ADCC:Tell us about the drama to get your U.S visa… Jacare: I spent a whole month trying to schedule an interview to renew my visa and because of that I did not train for several days. I called the U.S embassy, sent them a fax but nothing was working. Then two of my sponsors got in touch with a guy (a forwarding agent) who did in a day what I couldn?t do in a month. I got my visa on Friday and at the same night I was in a plane flying to Los Angeles. ADCC:Do you think that this unfortunate episode influenced in your performance? Jacare: I?m pretty sure. You can ask those athletes who competed at the Nationals in Brazil and they will tell you about it. This is scientifically proven. But when you loose there are no excuses, it was because your opponent was better than you. ADCC:How do you evaluate the up to 88kg category final against Demian Maia? Jacare:It was a good and intense fight. I think the audience enjoyed it very much. ADCC:What about the absolute final against Roger Gracie. What was your biggest mistake? Jacare:I did not make a mistake. He made it right. I was winning the fight but I went to the wrong direction and ended up at his best position. ADCC:What are you going to do next? Jacare:I want to fight the BJJ Worlds and then fight in Pride. I?m studying the best offers to debut at the most important MMA event of the world.

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