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After ADCC, Xande Ribeiro wants revenge at BJJ Worlds

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Finish among the four finalists. This is what has been happening to Gracie Humaita black belt Alexandre Ribeiro. At the ADCC-2005 edition Xande did it again and finished at 4th at absolute and 3rd at the up to 99kg category. Realistic, Saulo’s younger brother recognized Roger Gracie superiority but promises to payback during next BJJ World Championship, scheduled to July’s last weekend. ‘I intend to gain some weight. I felt an 8kg difference between me and the champion Roger. I need to improve the defensive aspect of my game and try do not miss the opportunities when them show up’, says Ribeiro. The missed chances to defeat Roger at the up to 99kg semifinal were very lamented by Xande. ‘When you are fighting at ADCC you must win when you have the chance to do so, because the opportunity might not appear again during the fight. Congratulations to Roger Gracie. He is a tough fighter and did everything he should to win’, recognizes Ribeiro. Coincidently, the four athletes who got to the absolute semifinals (Xande Ribeiro, Marcelo Garcia, Roger Gracie and Ronaldo Jacare) were the same four who fought for a place at the big decision during the last BJJ World Championship. ‘We did it again, didn’t we? Everyone was great and the Jiu-Jitsu guys did what had to be done. We fought always going forward and trying to submit our opponents’, celebrates Xande. Pictures of him being submitted via rear naked choke by Roger Gracie do not bother Xande at all. ‘It really happened and has to be published. I am going to hang those photos before the Worlds and they will make me train even harder. The absolute category will be very funny. I’m already anxious’, finishes Xande Ribeiro.

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