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PIC (by Keith Mills): Kyra and Leka at war in the ladies under 60 KG Finals.The ADCC 2005 6th Submission Wrestling World Championships will go down in history not only as possibly the best ADCC so far but also as the first one that invited women to compete. Sixteen of the top female grapplers competed in two weight categories, under and over 60 kg, as well as their own absolute division. Recognizable names such as Kyra Gracie, Leka Viera, Marloes Coenen, Roxanne Modafferi, and many more showed this was a serious attempt and not just a means to draw attention. In the under 60 kg division Kyra Gracie emerged victorious after defeating Erica Montoya in the first round, Megumi Fuji in the second, and Leka Vieira in the finals. Leka got to the finals after defeating Roxanne Modafferi and Gazzy Parman. Their finals match was one of the highlights of the whole day, with both aggressive in the non-points segment going back and forth for submissions and not just playing for points or position. Leka had Gracie in a high guard/almost triangle position at the start of points but Kyra turned the tables by coming out the back and taking Leka?s back as Leka tried to stand. From behind Leka Kyra jumped to Leka?s back and, still standing, sunk in her hooks for four points. Leka dislodged Kyra?s legs but Kyra stayed behind Leka where she again jumped to Leka?s back and sunk in her hooks for four more points. The two went to the ground where Kyra wasn?t successful in administering a rear choke before time ran out with a final score of 8-0. In the over 60 kg division as well as the absolute division it was American Top Team?s Borges who stole the show. Compared to most of the other female competitors Borges had the most methodical and technical style, usually winning by points in a position oriented strategy. Although not the most exciting competitor for spectators she showed discipline and patience that earned her two top slots. She defeated Hannette Stack, Megumi Yabushita, and Stacy Cartwright in the over 60 kg division as well as Kizma Button, Amanda Buckner, and Tara LaRosa in the absolutes. Possibly the most interesting match-up actually happened twice; Marloes Coenen facing Stacy Cartwright. These two were the underdogs of the over 60 kg division with Stacy being a Machado blue belt who won the Australian qualifier with one match while Marloes was the Remix champion back in ?99 but largely inactive on the international scene since then. Some MMA fans were interested in seeing Marloes but most press and insiders didn?t give either a chance of making it out of the opening round. Their first match was in the semi-finals after Marloes beat Yuki Kubota and Stacy beat Camilla Gielsten. The action took a turn when Marloes tried a hip throw to get Stacy down but Stacy managed to end up on Marloes? back. Marloes rolled over so Stacy was mounted and went for a triangle. Marloes rolled and managed to get out of the triangle but slipped right into an armbar. Cartwright went on to the finals where she lost to the aforementioned dual-Champion Borges.Their second match happened in the opening round of the absolute division. Marloes this time didn?t try to take Stacy down but instead it was Cartwright repeatedly jumping to guard that was the early strategy. One time Marloes just pushed her off and down to the mat but she didn?t follow her to the ground. The second time Marloes used her strength to stay standing until Stacy leaned back and took out Marloes leg with her right arm. Marloes stood from that also until Cartwright again went to take out the knee. At this point Marloes jumped in the air and slammed Cartwright to the mat, a move that is illegal unless a competitor is in a submission attempt. In one of the most dramatic moments of the weekend Marloes looked up and saw she was down -1 to 0 with about a minute left and the look on her face betrayed what appeared to be the realization she just defeated herself. Marloes started to take more chances in an effort to pull out the victory, almost falling into a guillotine choke in the process but she was stalled by Cartwright?s guard until time ran out. Cartwright advanced only to lose to Tara LaRosa in the semi-finals of the absolute division. Overall the opportunity presented to the women wasn?t wasted. Fans got a chance to see fighters from Australia, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, and the US battle it out all in one place. Now it is a matter of time to see if the momentum continues with the growth of the women?s divisions. is the under 60 kg division is Kyra/Leka in the finals of under 60 kg is over 60 kg division is the women?s absolute division is both Cartwright/Coenen matches.

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