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GONG Grapple Magazine 2nd edition will be in Stores on 8th June – from the editor of Gong…We are proud to put ADCC 2005’s Marcelo Garcia on the cover page. GONG Grapple features ADCC 2005 with a 20 page full color report.Also we cover great grappling games such as Grappler’s Quest US open, the Sambo European championships, BJJ Brasileiro and the Women Wrestling world cup.We also have special reports about Marc Laimon, Sergio Penha, Rico Chiapparelli and Paragon Jiu-Jitsu, and GONG grapple pays attention to Japan’s domestic Grappling tournaments such as SMACK GIRL-F, Copa Paraestra East, Copa Dumau Kimonos and etc?Other reports include Takanori GOMI meets Olympic wrestler Makoto SasamotoMongolian wrestling in Tokyo, our old favorite NANA TEI JUDO, Sambo?s legends Gusein Hibullaev report and more,,,,ADCC 2005 – Some of the lessons – Editorial ‘It has been a week since the BEST ADCC ever and after resting and recovering from watching the best fighters battle against each other, I came to a few conclusions. The most important one is that there is a new breed of great BJJ fighters out there. This new generation has been brewing for some time, a few years ago it seems, the tide began to change. This is no to say that the previous generations were not exciting or anything, but the new guys (and some of them are not so new) fight all the time, fight to win and fight against all odds and against anyone.The last few BJJ Worlds have been a showing grounds for these new guns. BJJ fighters like Roger Gracie, Ronaldo ‘Jacare’, Marcelo Garcia, Leo Vieira, Xande Ribeiro, ‘Terere’, Kyra Gracie, Leticia Ribeiro, Leka Vieira and many others have been battling each other and all of the best without fear and always going for it. In the 2005 ADCC many of them were joined by another group of fighters from BJJ and other grappling arts, like Jon Olav Einemo, Jake Shields, Frank Trigg, Megumi Fuji, all fighting each other under sometimes adverse conditions like injuries etc all with one purpose in mind: ‘To test themselves against the best and to win by submission!’In ADCC 2003 we saw many athletes compete injured and give it their all; ‘Terere’ fought with separated ribs, Chris Brown with a cut on his head, etc. In ’05, there were Leozinho took of a cast of a foot that wasn’t healed with 3 broken bones and ligament damage to fight. There was Einemo fighting with a partially torn pectoral muscle, Saulo Ribeiro with severely injured ankle all fighting their hearts out. Shieds fought two of his matches after having his elbow hyperextended against Earle! But it was more than just physical courage, many of the fighters threw caution to the wind and were going for the kill! Take Xande Ribeiro for example; in his absolute matches against Roger and Garcia, he had a triangle and a few good positions against his opponents, but rather than play cautious, Xande went for it and ended up being submitted. In the past that would not have been the norm, but these days, the fighters want to go for it and to finish. Roger Gracie, defends the family name and puts it on the line against the best in the World. Jacare had Visa problems nad could only leave Brazil the night before the event. After flying for 14 + hurs, he arrived at LAX and went directly to the mat where he fought 8 matches in 2 days winning his weight and taking 2nd in the Absolute. Same goes for Roger, Jacare, Galvao, Jake Shields, Cameron Earle, Werdum and too many others to be named. The point of my ‘editorial’ is that Grappling is in very good hands now and tournaments will be more and more exciting when these fighters compete and lead others by example. What we the fans have to do is to support these fighters by attending the events they compete in. With greater attendance, more promoters wil be encouraged to follow ADCC’s example and have prize money so these guys can make a decent living doing what they do and entertaining us and teaching us about courage and commitment in the process!’Kid Peligro Caique Jiu-Jitsu Presents the 2nd South Bay Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament 10 a.m., Saturday, June 25th, 2005, Torrance, CA. We are pleased to announce the 2nd South Bay Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, June 25th, 2005 in Torrance CA.The 2003 inaugural tournament was a tremendous success due to the support and participation of many schools, as we had over 150 competitors from several states participate.We hope for this year’s event to be even bigger and better, and invite you to come join us. Also, as before, the South Bay Open will be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION tournament. This format gives participants a chance to compete in at least two matches.Please review all of the tournament information and be sure to take advantage of our easy on-line registration process.We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you at the 2nd South Bay Open on June 25th. For information check out: Machado’s New WebsiteBlack Belt Gustavo Machado from Virginia Be., Va has a new Website. The new site is full of info including techniques and pictures. To check it out go to: The 2nd Annual Hoosier Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament UpdateThe 2nd Annual Hoosier Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament in Indianapolis, IN is just 17 days away. Please visit the link below for all tournament details and for the on-line registration. NOTE: FRIDAY NIGHT JUNE 10th WEIGH-INS HAVE BEEN MOVED TO THE TOURNAMENT LOCATION AT ST. MICHAEL’S SCHOOL INSTEAD OF THE HOTEL. FRIDAY NIGHT WEIGH-INS WILL BE FROM 6 – 9 PM. – from the promoterNew weight class Under 165lbs!!!!!!!! King of the Hill, Greenville NC 6/11/05 No Time Limits-No Points-No Excuses – As listed on & MMA.TVAll-American Martial Arts Academy – 821 Dickinson Ave, Greenville NC 27834Contact James Speight At (252) 413-0066Extreme Submission Sports & Mid-Atlantic Combat Sports (MACS) is inviting all grappling schools, teams, and practitioners to the King of the Hill Absolute, and MACS Kid?s Extreme Challenge Grappling Championships. Men, Women , and Kids are welcome. This is an event that you don?t want to miss in 2005!**Weigh-ins begin promptly at 8:00A.M.**Kid?s Extreme Challenge Starts at 10:00 A.M.Kid?s & Teen?s King of the HillAbsolute Starts at 11:00 A.M.Adult Absolute King of the Hill Starts at 12:00 NoonEnds When Ever, and Ever.Pre-Registration Online Absolute = Fee:$30.00 Pre-Registration Online Beginner Kid?s = Fee:$20.00 Free Admission, While Space LastsPre-Registration Deadline received by 6/9/2005.Day of Event Beginner Kid?s = Fee:$30.00 Day of Event Absolute Adult = Fee:$40.00 **Kids & Teens will be divided into divisions by weight and age (depending on the number in each group)** Championship Belts in Absolute Divisions Three Men’s Weight Classes 1) Under 165lbs 2) 165-189lbs 3)190lbs & UP. Limited Slots for Grapplers 16 Grapplers in Each Division Register Early!!!! No Day of Event registrations in Absolute Divisions. No Time Limits-No Points-No Excuses Absolute for Teens, and Kids. Championship Belts for Four Weight Classes. Register Early!!!! No Day of Event Registrations in Absolute Division. Additional Divisions for Kids Beginners Trophies & Medals for Beginner, Kids. Under MACS System at 4 Minutes. MACS Kid?s Extreme Challenge. Prizes for Kids Beginners. Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. A medal for all non-placing

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