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2005 ADCC – All brackets are out and like the Romans say : ‘Alea Jacta est’ – Faith is thrown out there. Fighters are scrambling to determne what hteya re going to do against their opponent’s. Today was the weight ins and some unbelievable sightings. While some people easily made weight like Eduardo telles who weighed in with shows, Levi jackets and more, others had to fight to the . . .last drop. One such case was ‘Casper’ aka Alberto Crane, who was so pale that it appeared you could see throguh him ( he made weight) another such case was Marcio ‘The walking skeleton’ Feitosa. Feitosa hasn’t weighed this little since his high scholl years. another notable was Renzo Gracie, who for most of the day was so dried up he made the impression of a raisin, but later after making weight was all smiles and stating: ‘I am in the best shape of my life. Tell that guy that said I was the darkhorse that I am going to show him darkhorse allright!’.A great story today was ‘Jamelao’ Conceicao. Jamelao came to the evetn to participate in the U76KG division. Upon arriving he was told by someone that he was actually fighting in the U87 division. Jamelao took to his food like it was the last meal ever, only to be told by the officials that he was indeed fighting in the U76 division. Without flinching Jamelao was in the sauna and track for hours and finally made weight.But all that was almost for not. At 4:30 PM Thrusday afternoon, the comittee, including yours trulyy, was meeting for a final review when a frantic call came from one of the local organizers: ‘The California Athletci Committee is shutting us down!!!’ After a few phone calls it was quickly determined that an official from the California Athletic Committe was sending a cease and desist letter to Cal State Long Beach effectively shutting down the ADCC event. After 2 1/2 frabtic hours of calling every possible shot, and preparing contingency plans to move the event to either Las Vegas or Soboba Casino, the situation was resolved. With the intervention of several people, most prominently Dan Lambert, Tery Trebilcok and Big John Mc Carthy, the head of the California Athletic Committe was reached and assurances were made back and forth adn teh show will go on as planned.Tommorrow morning, the likes of Roger Gracei v Justin garcia, Leo Vieira v tetsu Suzuki and many more matches will take place.ADCC 2005 not one dull moment! The greatest grappling event on earth will go on as planned —–NHB Gear / Jiu Jitsu Gear Press Release – from the promoterI am happy to announce three of our top fighters will be representing theJiu Jitsu Gear brand at the prestigious 2005 ADCC submission grappling tournament.XANDE RIBEIRO, RICK MACAULEY, and JUSTIN ‘CHIM CHIM’, GARCIA will bringtheir top skills to the mat against the world’s greatest is proud to support these great fighters!Sam Kim, President –

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