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With ADCC 2005 just a couple of days away, fighters from around the World began arriving in Southern California. Names like Leo Vieira, Demian Maia, Robert Drysdale were seen training at Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu recently. While yesterday a new crop began descending like recently added to the U-65 division World Champion Mario Reis.Today many more competitors arrive to complete the line up which despite the loss of a few names due to injuries, Visa problems and other causes is still the strongest ever. ADCC ticket sales are still going strong and the Pyramid wil be rocking Saturday moring as the first matches take place including the historic first time ladies division. See you at the PyramidBook signing a huge success – from the promoterOver 350 people attended Grandmaster H?lio Gracie?s book signing. Gracie Miami was beautifully suited for this historic event. A red carpet over the main mat guided students to the stage where the Grandmaster and his son Rorion signed the books. Royce, with his charismatic personality mingled with all present as he also signed many copies of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.Around 6PM the number of students and visitors already waiting in line was such, that Grandmaster Helio began signing copies half-hour before the scheduled time. In less than 2 hours over 200 books were sold and approximately 360 admirers of Helio Gracie witnessed this memorable night.Professors Pedro and Gui Valente, and Jimmy were joined by several Gracies, H?lio?s sons Rorion and Royce, grandson Renner, and Carlos Gracie?s granddaughters Lyra, and Kyvia Gracie. Also in attendance were Jiu-Jitsu black belts, Carlos Villares, Anire Okupaku, Ramon Sanchez, Jorge Pereira, and Daniel Montanha.Womens’ Seminar was a great success – from DC MaxwellI had to change the name of the women’s BJJ weekend from ‘No Men Allowed’ to ‘One Man Allowed’ because Steve Maxwell took the crew through a great mobility, strength, and conditioning session before Saturday’s seminar. But after that, the seminar and Sunday’s open mat was all about the 17 women who participated, representing Claudio Franca, Yamazaki, Team Maxercise, Ribeiro JJ , Gustavo Machado, Pedro Sauer, Nova Uniao, Lloyd Irvin, Balance, and others. The seminar was largely the legacy of Renate Kiehl, whose wish to aid women in sports came to us through her daughter, Diana. Diana is a student of BJJ and a member of the Team Estrogen Womens BJJ Forum, who gave me the honor of helping to bring that gift to life in the form of a women’s BJJ weekend, here at Team Maxercise. The women who attended expressed the spirit of Renate’s gift, checking their competition teams at the door and playing for the growing team of women, who stick together in a sport that is not exactly known for treating its women with kid gloves. Special thanks to detail diva Caren Camblen, of Team Claudio Franca, for organizing and promoting the whole weekendSoca Carneiro Seminar in Virginia BeachPan-American Jiu-Jitsu Champion World Jiu-Jitsu Champion ADCC World Submission ChampionWHEN: Saturday, June 18th – 2005Starts at 12:00 (noon) until 3:00 P.M.WHERE: Gustavo Machado Academy- Virginia Beach2696 Reliance DriveVA Beach – VACost: $45.00Don?t miss this chance to learn from one of the best fighters in the world!Limited spots available!CONTACT- Gustavo – [email protected] or call 757-7499814

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