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Roan Jucao Carneiro training hard to ADCC 2005

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With Rafael Werneck and Marcelo DunlopWe are less than five weeks away from the most important submission tournament in the world. Because the eyes of the MMA world will be focused on Long Beach at the end of May, those who are already confirmed to be fighting are training hard and focusing on future opponents. This is what is happening with BTT’s Roan Jucao Carneiro. The ADCC 2005 Brazil Trials champion among fighters up to 77kg, Jucao returned to Brazil after spending a few days in Switzerland conducting seminars. We caught up with him.He already knows many of his opponents at the 6th Submission Wrestling World Championships and realizes that among them are three of ADCC’s great champions: Renzo Gracie (in 1998 and 2000), Jean Jacques Machado (1999) and the current title holder Marcelo Garcia. Instead of being intimidated, to be competing against these men inspires Jucao. ‘So far, everything is great. The category is really difficult. To face some of the Brazilians would be an honor for me. But to face others will be the opportunity to solve some unfinished businesses’ says Jucao. The Brazilian Top Team black belt is talking about the Nova Uniao black belt Leo Santos. ‘I fought him at Campos Submission Wrestling and the referee did not give me the points I earned and he took the victory. Would be a great chance to get revenge’ states Carneiro. To make the last adjustments for ADCC, Jucao intends to train with another famous BTT fighter: Paulao Filho. ‘I want to stick with the big fish and doing this maybe something good gets absorbed by to me’ ends Jucao.

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