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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Royler Gracie and the Heros Lightweight Grand Prix – 2005 ADCC U65 KG readers choices

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Royler Gracie celebrates his win at ROTR – Photo (c) Kid PeligroHeros Light weight Grand-PrixWe have just received confirmation that, coming of his great performance at Rumble on the Rock show last November in Hawaii, Royler Gracie has been invited to participate in the next edition of the Heros as fighter in their LightWeight Grand-Prix on July 3rd! Immediately we contacted Royler and he confirmed to us that he has accepted: ‘I am very excited to be fighting again in Japan. I have always wanted to participate in a Grand-Prix format and Heros is bringing together the best lightweights in the World to compete and I am going to be a part of it!Additionally confirmed for the event is Royler’s cousin in Rodrigo Gracie who will be fighting a single fight, that is of course, not a part of the lightweight GP.More on this as it develops!2005 ADCC Under 65KG Readers predictionsA few days ago Kid Peligro made his predictions for the under 65KG category for ADCC 2005 and asked for the readers to write in. The request read:’Email your top predictions to [email protected] and Kid will randomly publish two of the readers predictions along with their info. Then after the event is run, we will have a random drawing of all the entries with the winner getting the 2003 ADCC DVD set sponsored by‘Our readers have spoken, including some great experts like Gumby, who is preparing his own report about the ADCC event. From the entries we have selected two predicitions:Kevin Howell’s picks:First choice: MARCIO FEITOSA – I think Marcio can take the whole thing, especially after dropping 20 lbs and staying strong. His size just might be too much in this division. Although he is in the US, he surrounds himself with excellent training partners and has been fighting very strong guys to offset the power of the wrestlers. With his methodical tight game, he can shut down anyone in the division, even Leozinho (as he has before). Second choice: LEO VIERA – Leo is too much for the entire field with the exception of maybe Marcio and Wagney. He can pass both sides very easily and his athleticism can offset any difference in strength. I see him beating Barret and Bravo again easily. Third choice: JAVIER VAZQUEZ or WAGNEY FABIANO – Both of these qualifiers are terrors on the mat and can prove to be major upsets in their respective match ups. Person who can best disrupt these rankings: ROYLER GRACIE – If he accepts his invitation, he could obviously prove to be a huge disruption for the top three, and would have to take some favored status based on his record alone. A round one match up against Bravo may prove to be a clinic for the gifted Machado black belt. Expect great match ups with Marcio and Leo. Bob Phillip’s picks1. Leo Viera, I have always been a fan of Leozinho. He always seems to win the scrambles even against the top guys. I think he will probablly repeat as ADCC champ.2. Wagney Fabiano, He is very smooth & explosive.3. Marcos ‘Parrumpinha’ DaMatta , He has the experience to win, is hungry for this win & may suprise everyoneDark Horse. Marcio Feitosa, I see Leozinho or Wagney Fabiano giving him his toughest matches. He has the experience to win if he is hungry he can give the whole field hell.There you have it. Later on this week we are going to take a look at one of the toughest divisions of the event – the 66 – 77KG!Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

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