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By Alexandre Lobo / Team TATAMEReally happy after his first victory in Pride, Murilo Bustamante is looking to fight more this year. Focused on his Brazilian Top Team ‘mates training in 2004, Murilo is worried about his career. ‘Last year, I was worried about my teammates training and I put my career aside. This year, I want prepare myself better and step into the ting more often. Only a good sequence of fights can give me the experience to adapt what I train to the fight’, he analyses.Ryuta Sakurai?s performance against him at Pride Bushido impressed Murilo. ‘Sakurai is better than I expected. He has heavy hands, knows all sort of things about everything and hits hard. Besides, he’s in a strong rhythm of competition and this made him more confident, coming towards me fearless’ remembers Murilo.According to Bustamante, his long time without a single win didn?t interfere with his performance at this Bushido. ‘It’s awful to know you have all the skills to win, but you don’t. I was afraid to lose and didn’t do my best inside the ring. But this time I was extremely calm, I could keep things well inside my mind and forget the responsibility. It was a surprise even for me’ he remembers. He also reveals that he was able to eat a huge pasta dish with meat, bananas and a protein bar before the fight and still let his food go down. ‘I have never done that before, due to the adrenaline that hits me before fights’, says.

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