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Heat FC 3 – MetamorphosisAfter more than a year of absence, the fastest growing MMA show in Brazil is finally back in the game. This coming Thursday, April 14th, Heat FC returns to its gorgeous hometown of Natal, with its astonishing beaches, sunny wheater and avid fighting fans. As everything evolves in life, the show comes back to the scene taking the chance to use the hiatus since the last edition, Heat FC 2 – Evolution, to change its concept and renew istelf, presenting a new format and new ideas to the fighting fans, aiming new goals for the Brazilian promotion. After the two first editions of the show being held at the Machadinho arena, also in Natal, the third edition of Heat conquers new ground as for the first time the event will take place at a house of spectacles, called Shock Show, where many musicians use to perform when in Natal, with a capacity for over 7.000 spectators and bringing a different atmosphere to MMA competition. This is far from the only change, as a true metamorphosis takes over the show that was once fought inside a ring, and now switches for an Octagon shaped cage. The idea is to help Brazilian fighters to get used and prepared for fighting in this evironment, so they can feel ready to step up and fight in shows in the USA and UK. In the same trend, this move helps Heat FC to build relationship with such events and co-operate with them in the future. Looking for high-paced action, the fights will now be fought as three rounds of five minutes each, making sure stalling is out of question as the fights goes on. As a matter of fact, the concept for Heat FC 3 – Metamorphosis, is to give chance to veterans of the sport who are in need of a break in their careers, after struggling in some of their fights, so they can show their real skills once again, and give their careers their own metamorphosis. Headlining the fight card will be former Big Brother Brazil and Meca winner Marcelo Dourado, who is a mainstream celebrity in the country, due to his TV appearences, helping to attract more fans to our loved sport, building a bigger audience for all. Brazilian Top Team once again mark its presence, with Submssion Wrestling wizzard Adriano Nasal making his Heat debut, and representatives of teams such as Gracie Barra and Nova Uniao also complete the card. As always, Heat couldn’t lose its international flavor, as this was and still is the main concept of the show, and for the first time a Russian fighter takes part on the card. After marking its comeback this Thursday with Heat FC 3 – Metamorphosis, the fourth edition of the show is being planned for three months from now, when bigger names will be fighting once again inside the Heat arena, and more international fighters will be participating. During the first two editions of Heat FC, names such as Renato Babalu, Carlos Barreto, Allan Goes, Gustavo Ximu, Ebenezer Braga, Travis Wiuff, and even The Utlimate Fighter TV show 205 lbs weight class winner Forrest Griffin, showcased their skills in the event’s ring, and this trend will continue in the following editions of the show, inside its new cage, as proven veterans and new talents in need of a chance will always have opportunities in this show. Heat FC is back, and is living its Metamorphosis! Heat FC 3 – Metamorphosis:- Barao x Joao PauloRondinelli de Souza x Erivaldo CaicoRivanio Aranha x Adriano NasalSergio Junior x Charles AndradeVasily Krylov x Savio MaiaSilmar Rodrigo x Daniel AnimalMarcelo Dourado x Jorge Rodrigues

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