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Minotouro training with Darrel Gohlar

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With Rafael WerneckThe Brazilian Top Team headquarters is located in Rio de Janeiro, where the Nogueira brothers live. However, the wonderful city was left behind when Rogerio ‘Minotouro’ and Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ decide to go to Salvador, to have an intensive training session in the capital of Bahia. ‘A big part of the team went to Japan for Bushido 6. And since we were going to go more than 10 days without hard training we decided to go to Salvador. Doing that we believe we never waste one single second’ explains Minotouro?s brother. In Bahia, Rogerio was helped by the American wrestler Darrel Gohlar, who almost joined Chute Boxe staff but decided to stay in Rio, working for BTT. ‘Darrel gave us a hard time and we had to sweat a lot during the training sessions’ reveals Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’, who is working as a sparring partner for his twin brother. The Pride Heavyweight Grand Prix runner-up is pretty confident in his brother’s upcoming performance. ‘He is working several takedowns, some defense moves, and everything else we know that Dan Henderson loves to do. We are also giving some attention to Rogerio’s striking skills’ says Rodrigo, who does not take the risk of pointing out a favorite man to win the Grand Prix: ‘Henderson is a very tough fighter but to tell you the truth there is no piece of cake. Just to be in the final round will be an excellent result’ ends Minotauro.

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