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Kyra Gracie training with uncle Renzo for ADCC-2005

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For the first time in ADCC history, women will have the opportunity to compete side by side with men during the Submission Wrstling World Championships, universally considered the most important submission competition in the world. On May 28th and 29th, representatives from around the world will be in Long Beach, California, trying to reach the highest step of the podium, and one of these ladies has the huge responsibility of defending the name Gracie. Because of that, Kyra Gracie is training really hard and getting a lot of technical support. ‘My expectations are the best. I’m training with my uncle Renzo’ says Kyra, who likes to point to mental toughness as one of her strongest qualities. ‘When the attention is focused on me and all the audience is looking at me it gives me more strength to win’ Right now Kyra Gracie is in New York, where she is planting the very first seeds to create a female Jiu-Jitsu team. ‘It’s been three months since I started teaching in NY. The girls are beginning to improve their techniques, but I believe we are going to make some noise in a little while’ reveals Kyra, who is having her talent recognized by the American people. ‘This is very good specially because I’m a woman and nobody used to pay attention to the female Jiu-Jitsu.’ The plans to debut in MMA are still out of question. ‘I’m not thinking of MMA yet. I still have so much to do for Jiu-Jitsu. I got the brown belt less than one year ago’ ends Kyra, the current BJJ World Champion.

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