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text and photos by Marcelo Alonso During last edition of Storm Octagon, Chute Boxe leaders Rafael Cordeiro and Rudimar Fedrigo announced some important reinforcements for the team. The first announcement was made in the press conference of Storm Octagon, as Fabricio Morango, black belt under Royler Gracie and a very good friend of Chute Boxe Jiu-Jitsu trainer Cristiano Marcello, Morango spent the last 10 days before the event (where he fought Katel Kubis) training with Wanderlei’s team. ‘Besides being a great fighter, Morango has a very good relationship with everybody in the academy so we decided to invite him to train with us’ said Rudimar Fedrigo.The excellent relatiosnhip between Morango and his Wrestling trainer Darrel Gohlar ended up in a second invitattion. ‘Darrel Gohlar is famous worldwide for being an amazing trainer and we invited him to start training the Chute Boxe Team’, revealed Rafael Cordeiro during the event. Asked about the invitation Gohlar told us that he is planning to came every 15 days to Curitiba to help Chute Boxe fighters, but He doesn’t want to leave Rio de Janeiro. ‘I love Rio de Janeiro and I want to keep living here, but I can visit every two weeks to train Chute Boxe fighters in Curitiba’, said the wrestler right after the win of his student Fabricio Morango in the best fight of Storm (against Katel Kubis). Today Darrel is teaching Wrestling in Gracie Tijuca (Vini) and Champions Factory (Artur Mariano). After the huge sucess of last Storm, Rudimar Fedrigo revealed two more powers in the house. Luis Brito (former BTT fighter) who has a strong team of fighters in Porto Alegre and Adilson Bita (Gracie Barra) another important source of fighters (like Pe de Chumbo and Jair Sorriso) from Teresopolis near Rio de Janeiro. Unlike Luis Brito, Bita will not represent Chute Boxe name. ‘We are going to work out with Bita some kind of partnership, but Luis Brito we already presented as new Chute Boxe fighter today’, revealed Mr. Fedrigo.

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