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We were in Sao Paulo last week with the champion of PRIDE, Wanderlei Silva, visiting the store of Koral Fighting Co., his new sponsor. After the signing session with fans, Wanderlei gave his stamp of approval for the new product line he is endorsing. He also took innumerable photos with the new kimono in a photographic studio in the capital of Sao Paulo . The Kimono WAND/KORAL will be launched officially at the fight on April 24th in Japan against Hideko Yoshida, being the only first roud bout announced for the PRIDE Grand Prix event. Wanderlei is the winner and champion of the last Grand Prix. Wanderlei goes to Japan as an innovator for this event, as he plans on entering the ring using the kimono. To celebrate the launching of the product a LIMITED 100 units series will be made for fans and collectors, exact copies of the champion of the PRIDE will be using in the event, packed in a special case with other gifts of the Champion and Koral.

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