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Garcia: ‘My opponents are respecting me too much’

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With M.Dunlop The most technical fighter at the ADCC 2003, Marcelo Garcia is ready to rock and roll at the next Arnold Gracie Submission, to be held on March 5th, in the USA. Training hard to defend his title in the Governor’s event, the 77kg BJJ black belt wants also to tune himself before ADCC 2005, scheduled for May 28th and 29th. Check what the Alliance fighter says about his weapons for the next ADCC, his game and his opponents… Don’t you think your opponents are respecting you too much during the bouts? ‘Yes, I already noticed that. It has helped me a lot, though. For example, I have noticed that guys with really good skills in taking down never try to force me down! Sometimes they seem afraid to take a risk against me, and it surprises me all the time, because some hard fights end easier than I would expect’ What was your most difficult fight in 2004? ‘I think my most difficult opponent was Gabriel ?Napao? Gonzaga, it is really hard to make points against him. I beat him in the 3rd Submission Wrestling Campos, in January 2004, by the score of 4 x 0, thanks to my armdrag. I grabbed his elbow and managed to get his back, scoring 4 points and winning. It was not easy, though.’ You were there watching all the finals of the ADCC Brazilian Trials, last December in Sao Paulo. Did someone impress you over there? Well, I sure enjoyed Demian Maia?s exhibition (-88kg), and also Wagnney Fabiano. This Nova Uniao guy might be on the way to the title in the -66kg fighters. Any special weapons to next ADCC?’Yeah, the armdrag is my most known weapon, but who wants to see more may visitus in Alliance academy in Sao Paulo. My teammates know I have a large arsenal!’

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