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We would like to invite you to register you/your team to our MMA Database, including you along with other fighters from all over the world in one same location for online searches. Having your profile listed (including all relevant fight data) will allow you to be contacted whenever there are fight openings or any other type of professional inquiries (seminars, quest appearances, etc) regarding yourself, your location or your weight. The database now stores some of today?s most prominent fighters as well as other fighters from all levels, the idea is for all fighters to be accessible in one place and this way facilitating exposure on all markets. In essence, promoters may contact ALL fighters listed on, making this service a tremendous tool for Fighters, Managers, Matchmakers, Promoters and the sport of MMA. no sign up fees or any type of costs at anytime whatsoever. Promoters, feel free to use our service. All offers are automatically forwarded to the fighters or managers free of charge. We thank the support of the MMA Community and hope al registered members use the website to their advantage. ?Marcus FiolaTo Register please visit:

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