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ADCC 2005 – Women’s Invitations Going Out, Men’s Series Heads To Australia This Week!

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6th Submission Wrestling World ChampionshipsThe Pyramid, Long beach, CaliforniaSaturday and Sunday May 28th and 29th, 2005‘The ADCC SOUTH PACIFIC TRIALS are only days away, February 19th, 2005. Sydney Australia will play host city,and the venue is the same that hosted 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney Olympic Park Sports Halls, Grand Parade, Sydney Olympic Park. The Japanese Trials will be on March 20th in Tokyo, and a contingent of fighters from Korea are scheduled to compete as well. The spokesman said ‘This is exciting news at the ADCC, and the Japan Trials are developing into an Asian Trials now, and that is exciting news”The 2005 World Championship invitations will be going out after the Trials series.’ continues the spokesman. ‘Some invtations are filled and some have been extended, but the TRIALS series is critical to name the first 6 competitors’.’As for the newly announced women’s divisions, those invtiations are going out as we speak, and the filed will be announced soon’ the spokesman announces. ‘Many of the invitations are being accepted by the women’s division, and it certainly will be history in the making for women’s martial arts. We will announce the field in the coming weeks.’CURRENT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP LINEUPIn 2005, the ADCC will be publicizing the entries for the World Championships prior to the event. In the past, the ‘secret list’ of competitors has been an ADCC tradition, but for the first event in the USA, the names of the competitors will be released in advance. ‘Not everyone, however, many names that accept invitations will be released in advance for publicity, etc’ states the spokesman. The current lineup appears below, with 1/4 of the 16 man fields already decided.U-66KG Leo Vieira 2003 World Champion (Brazil)Wagney Fabiano Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil)Javier Vazquez North American Qualifier (USA)Toni Kroger European Qualifier (Finland)U-77KGMarcelo Garcia 2003 World Champion (Brazil)Juan ‘Jucao’ Carneiro Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil)Cameron Earle North American Qualifier (USA)Martin Lindqvist European Qualifier (Sweden)U-88KGSaulo Ribeiro 2003 World Champion (Brazil)Demian Maia Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil)Marcos Avellan North American Qualifier (USA)Marko Helen European Qualifier (Finland)U-99KGJon Olav Einmo 2003 World Champion (NORWAY)Roger Gracie Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil)Jamal Patterson North American Qualifier (USA)Alistair Overeem European Qualifier (Holland)Over 99KG Marcio ‘Pe De Pano’ Cruz 2003 World Champion (Brazil)Gabriel Napao Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil)Karim Byron North American Qualifier (Canada)Mustafa Al-Turk European Qualifier (UK)SUPERFIGHT:Ricardo Arona CHAMPION (BRAZIL) v. Dean Lister Challenger (USA)LADIES DIVISIONS:- Under 60.00 KG (132.00 LB)- Over 60.01 KG (132.01 LB)ABSOLUTE DIVISION: 8 women, single elimination tournament in an open weight class. MAIL ORDER DETAILS – GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!ATTENTION: First tickets to be mailed on February 22nd. Good seats in all sections still available.Below are complete mail order instructions to order tickets for the ADCC 2005 6th Submission Wrestling World Championships.All orders should include a typed or clearly legible note with full name, return address, area code, phone number and email address. Also include the number of tickets you are ordering, the cost per ticket and the total cost. There is a MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TICKETS PER ORDER: 10.For fastest processing A POSTAL MONEY ORDER or a WESTERN UNION MONEY ORDER is preferred. No other money orders or any type of cash will be accepted. There will be processing delay for personal checks, until they clear. No overseas checks whatsoever.Mail all of this to:FIGHTMARKET.COMPO BOX 124Maugansville MD 21767Each order must also include a $10 processing fee for United States orders, $20 for foreign orders. This includes a priority mail return of tickets with delivery confirmations and processing, and is based on a per order basis – in other words, the fee has nothing to do with the # of tickets.If your order is not filled or if the show is cancelled, your money will of course be returned to you. Everyone should fill out their own order. Duplicate orders may not be filled.All checks or money orders should be made out to FIGHTMARKET.COM. In the case of wanting to make sure that you get tickets in an alternate section, please include two checks or money orders in your order. One check or money order for the preferred ticket price, and in case that section is sold out, and another check or money order for your second choice. We will fill the order in order of preference, and return the unused check or money order with your tickets.Sample Order:John Doe1 Main Street NY NY 100xx[email protected]CHOICE #1: 4 tickets / $100 each / $400 total.CHOICE #2: 4 tickets / $75 each / $300 total.- A check for $410.00, including the postage/processing fee is procesed.- A check for $310.00 including the postage/processing fee is sent back to customer with his CHOICE 1 tickets.Any questions, [email protected]. Please put ADCC TICKETS – MAIL ORDER in the e-mail title.TICKET COSTS :VENUE: The Pyramid – Long Beach, CASEATING: Approx. 4200**All Prices are for 2 DAY PASSES TO ENTIRE EVENT**Section 103/111: 1st five rows vip @ $200.00 (VERY FEW LEFT!)Section 103/111: rest of section $150.00Section 102/104 & 110/112: $125.00Section 101/105 rows C-L: $100.00Section 107/115: $75.00Section 101/105 rows M-U & 106/108: $50.00MAT ONE / MAT TWO / MAT THREE

 The Sedating at Long Beach's PYRAMID - not a bad seat in the house!
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