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With R.N.He defeated Akebono last December 31st in Japan, and now the question is: ‘Who will be the next opponent for Royce Gracie?’ ‘It?s difficult to find a new challenge after defeating someone who is almost 140kg heavier than me. Maybe I can find an interesting opponent on Mars’ jokes Royce. ‘I’ve fought the second longest combat in history against Sakuraba. I’ve fought four bouts in the same night? I like to challenge the impossible. Maybe on Mars I can find it’ How is going to be Royce?s training program to confront an alien from Mars is a mystery, but the black-belt reveals how he prepared himself to fight against the giant Akebono: ‘Man, it was the hardest training of my life. I put two guys, both over 100 kg, inside my guard. At times, I put four guys on me on the ground, for almost five minutes. When Akebono came to my guard I was relaxed and ‘at home’ explains Royce.

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