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With Rafael WerneckOn February 18th and 19th Sao Joao da Barra will host the fourth edition of one of the most important submission wrestling tournaments in Brazil. National stars such as Jorge Patino ?Macaco?, from Chute Boxe, Jefferson Tank (Vitor Belfort Team) and Miltinho Vieira (Brazilian Top Team) will be in action. Different from previous editions, this time promoter Leandro Ribeiro Gomes announces a MMA tournament and a competition between teams including Ruas Vale-Tudo and Gracie Barra Combat Team. Check out the official card and stay tuned to ADCC news to find out all the news about the Brazilian submission scenario. Up to 66kg ? Rani Yarhya (Ataide Jr), Taedes Mendonca (MT), Augusto Mendes (Kioto) e Anderson Pereira (Niteroi Wrestling) Up to 77kg ? Edson Sururu (Gracie Barra-BH), Miltinho Vieira (BTT), Fabio Issa (Alliance-Campos) e Alexandre Aires (RVT) Up to 88kg ? Jorge Patino Macaco (MGT), Flavio Serafim (BTT), R?mulo Barral (GB-BH) e Carlos Baruch (RVT) Up to 99kg ? Antoine Jaoude (RVT), Denis Gomes (Ataide Jr), Joaquim Mamute (GB-BH) e Vitor Viana (Never Shake) MMA Tournament: Eg?dio Sombra da Noite Danilo Motosserra (GBCT) Marcos Henrique (Budokan) Fabr?cio Monteiro (Never Shake) Submission superfight Marcelo Zulu x Bruno Ernesto (Alliance-Campos) MMA superfight Jefferson Tank (VB) x Dimitri Vanderlei (Ata?de Jr)

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