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Worlds 2014 day 3: Absolutely Great

Another great Saturday at the Worlds 2014. Some incredible matches in the mens and ladies Black belt Absolute. In the ladies side it will be Bia Mesquita v Michelle Nicolini fighting for gold. Favorite Gabi Garcia did not compete due to an injured rib. In the men's side it will be a rematch between Marcos "Buchecha" Almeida and Rodolfo Vieira. The two tops fighters met last year in the Worlds Absolute and last year and this year in he World Pro with "Buchecha" coming out the victor in all the occasions. Vieira looks in top form defeating Bernardo Faria by submission to reach the finals while "Buchecha" overcame Keenan Cornelius difficult guard to secure a solid win by points. After the match a very heated "Buchecha" was making a point that he believed that Keenan's guard should be considered stalling, no matter, "Buchecha" figured it out and passed it at the end of the match to get the points.

The highly anticipated match between "Buchecha" and Vieira will pit the last two consecutive absolute winners against each other to see who's tops and who will match Roger Gracie's record 3 Absolute titles.

Notables Keenan Cornelius, one of the favorites in the middle-heavy was disqualified in his first match in that weight division due to a knee reap. World ADCC Absolute and Superfight Champion Andre Galvao's wife Angelica won the Brown belt Gold and was promoted to Black belt by her hubby (about time!!!) and Mario Reis wife Monique Elias won her weight and Absolute in the Brown belt and was promoted to Black by Mario. Congratulations to both ladies and hubbys . Super ladies champion Leticia Ribeiro fell short of the title run by points. Also a sighting of former World Champion Leka Vieira who promises to return to the World mats next year!

The level of the competitors is off the Richter and most of Saturday matches were super exciting


Ladies finals are set:

Rooster: Shiho Yaginums x Marcela Lawton

Light feather: Ariadne Oliveira x Gezary Kubis

Feather: Michelle Nicolini x Tammi Musumeci

Light: Bia Mesquita x Luiza Monteiro

Medium: Vanessa Oliveira x Janni Larsson

Medium- heavy: Hannette Staack x Ana Laura Cordeiro

Super-heavy: Andrea Pereira x Venla Luukkonen

Absolute: Bia Mesquita x Michelle Nicolini

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