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Recently ADCC Committee announced the Masters Superfight for ADCC 2013 pitting two monsters of their generation , Ze Mario Sperry and Fabio Gurgel. Sperry is the defending Champion and a multiple times ADCC Champion (Superfights, Weight and Absolute) and World BJJ Champion while Fabio despite his multiple World BJJ titles only competed in ADCC '99. Yesterday we spoke with the defending Champion Sperry so today we catch up with the challenger Gurgel to hear his thoughts about the Superfight and his opponent

KP- What was your reaction when you got the invitation for the Superfight?
I was very happy and honored with the invitation!


KP- What are your expectations?
FG- Ze Mario is a great athlete and a friend with a great history in the event, I only fought in ADCC once in '99 but in the end a fight is a fight and I don't believe I am at any disadvantage

KP- You and Mario Sperry have ever fought one another what are your plans and how you expect the fight to develop?
FG- I can't talk strategy yet, but my plan is to fight going forward and do a great show for everyone and of course win! Hahaha!


KP- You competed in ADCC in '99 in Abu Dhabi, now your returning to the Superfight, what is going to be your strategy this time around. Sperry is a multiple times Champion including Superfights, what will it mean to you if you defeat him?

FG- Ze Mario is the only one of my generation and weight category that I haven't fought against yet. This is going to be a great opportunity for us to correct that. I am sure we will put on a great show

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