Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . ADCC 2017: A look at the Ladies Over 60KG division

ADCC 2017 takes place on September 23 & 24, at the Espoo Arena in Finland. The event will be webcast live by Continuing with our ADCC 2017 handicap we now look at the ladies Over 60 KG division.


  1. Talita Treta (Brazil) – South American Trial winner
  2. Tara White (USA) – North American Trial winner
  3. Samantha Cook (Great Britain) – European Trial winner
  4. Gabrielle Garcia (Brazil) – Invited
  5. Jessica Da Silva Oliveira (Brazil) – Invited
  6. Amanda Santana (USA) – Invited
  7. Venla Luukkonen (Finland) – Invited
  8. Marysia Malyjasiak (Poland) – Invited

The ladies Over 60KG division has returning multiple times champion Gabrielle Garcia along with 2015 runner up Jessica Oliveira and South America trials winner Talita Treta as my favorites. Garcia has been concentrating in MMA the last few years and that can be a factor, last ADCC she lost to Andrade in the semis. She has also pulled out of a couple of BJJ tournaments that she signed up for a the last minute for unknown reason to this reporter. Treta has also, of late, been training for MMA and that usually affects the timing and reaction speed for grappling as MMA is a slower more protective pace than submission grappling. Oliveira has the experience as runner up in 2015 and has a solid game that fits ADCC rules and format. A sleeper in this case is Venla Luukkonen who will be competing in her home turf.

Depending on the bracketing I see Oliveira in the finals against either Garcia or Treta, with Oliveira winning the title