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ADCC European Championship (Trials) 2015 Finland – Results


ADCC European Championship (Trials) 2015 Finland – Results

Organized By: ADCC EUROPE

Kupittaan Sport Hall, Turku, Finland


ADCC Submission Fighting European Championship 2015
May 30th, 2015
Kupittaan Sport Hall, Turku, Finland

[Professional Male and Female winners will get tickets to the ADCC Worlds]
Here are the winners:

-66kg Nicolas Renier (France)
-77kg Abdulkadirov Magomed (Russia)
-88kg Jesse Urholin (Finland)
-99kg Kamil Uminski (Poland)
+99kg Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen (Finland)
W-60kg Kethe Marie Elgesem Engen (Norway)
W+60kg Sophia Nordenö (Sweden)


Male -65,9 kg
1. Nicolas Renier, France
2. Timur Mukhametullin, Russia
3. Jakub Witkowski, Poland

Male -76,9 kg
1. Abdulkadirov Magomed, Russia
2. Piotr Frechowicz, Poland
3. Mateusz Gamrot, Poland

Male -87,9 kg
1. Jesse Urholin, Finland
2. Tuomas Simola, Finland
3. Kulduev Magomed, Russia

Male -98,9 kg
1. Kamil Uminski, Poland
2. Marian Klosowski, Poland
3. Lukasz Michalec, Poland

Male +99 kg
1. Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen, Finland
2. Stambulov Khamzat, Russia
3. Karl Albreksson, Sweden

Female -60 kg
1. Kethe Marie Elgesem Engen, Norway
2. Sara Svensson, Sweden
3. Zofia Szawernowska, Poland

Female +60 kg
1. Sophia Nordenö, Sweden
2. Riikka Ylitalo, Finland
3. Maiju Suotama, Finland

Results for Masters and the Best Team

Masters +35 years -76,9 kg
1. Tero Markkanen, Finland
2. Tero Salonen, Finland
3. Timo Viinikainen, Finland

Masters +35 years -87,9 kg
1. Marek Merisalu, Estonia
2. Tero Toivonen, Finland
3. Ari Ylipalo, Finland

Masters +35 years +99 kg
1. Sampo Kaskinen, Finland
2. Mikael Heydari, Finland
3. Mikko Vehmas, Finland

Masters +40 years -87,9 kg
1. Shay Brand, Israel
2. Christian Lindström, Finland
3. Haim Gozali, Israel

Best team:  Alliance Poland

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