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Saturday 24 June, starting 10:00am
Location: John Donehue Jiu Jitsu & MMA
6/278 Ferntree Gully Rd, Notting Hill, 3168


Intermediate Division

Under 65kg

  1. Troy Fumo
  2. Dean Connolly
  3. Seth Crossman

Under 76kg

  1. Adam Fillery
  2. Chris Tacuri
  3. Hugh Boyd

Under 87kg

  1. Benjamin Florence
  2. Michael Collins
  3. Ashley Wright

Under 98kg

  1. Chris Herouvim
  2. Dhaniel Baraldi
  3. Michael Hovivyan

Intermediate Absolute

  1. Adam Fillery
  2. Ashley Wright
  3. Ben Florence

Pro Division

Under 65kg

  1. Robert Sabaruddin
  2. Alan O’Brien
  3. Hugh Ross

Under 76kg

  1. Elton Batty
  2. Chris Lee
  3. Chris Spence

Under 87kg

  1. Jacob Myers
  2. Jess Smith

Under 98kg

  1. Matthew McGuinness
  2. Chris Swan

Absolute Pro Division

  1. Robert Sabaruddin
  2. Chris Lee
  3. Jess Smith


On Saturday 24th June, the first ADCC Melbourne Open was held at John Donehue Jiu Jitsu & MMA in Notting Hill, Melbourne. It was a great day with some outstanding matches and great sportsmanship shown by everyone on the day.

It marked the first time an Intermediate division had been held in this country and the first time there has been an ADCC event since 2011 with plans in the future to add the beginner category also that way more competitors can be involved in this great submission grappling competition and rule set without thinking they need to be a World Champion to compete in an official ADCC event.

We look forward to growing these tournaments as time goes with the goal of bringing the trials back to Australia so competitors don’t need to travel to Europe in an attempt to qualify.

We’d like to thank all our Referees, Judges and staff who were amazing on the day and helped everything run smoothly. Thanks to all the competitors who supported the event with some flying in from Sydney and New Zealand.

Also, a big thanks to our sponsors, MMA Fight Store Melbourne and MA1 for amazing prize packs worth about $3000 on the day. Newline for their apparel for the judges, referees and staff and LT Collins café for their amazing coffee and food available for everyone there.



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