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Worlds 2015 Finals Results – Breaking News Trans is out!!!

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Photo Judson Borges

Photo Judson Borges

Breaking news: Unconfirmed report that Alexander Trans is out of the weight and absolute finals due to a knee injury!

Congratulations to the two double golds Bernardo Faria and Dominyka Obelenyte

The Worlds 2015 Black belt finals are being set as we speak, male division:

Rooster: Bruno Malfacine v Joao Miyao – Malfacine by advantages

Light feather: Paulo Miyao v Daniel Beleza – Miyao by choke

Feather: Rafael Mendes v Rubens Cobrinha – Mendes by points

Light: Lucas Lepri v Michael Langhi – Langhi by teammates decision

Middle: Semi – Claudio Calasans v Vitor Oliveira – Calasans by points

Medium Heavy: Tarsys Humphreis v Leandro Lo – Lo by points

Heavy: Alexandre Ribeiro v Lucas Leite – Xande by points

Super-Heavy: Bernardo Faria v Joao Gabriel – Faria by points

Ultra- Heavy: Ricardo Evangelista v Gabriel Lucas – Lucas by advantages

Absolute: Alexander Trans v Bernardo Faria – Faria – Trans did not fight due to a knee injury


Light feather: Gezary Oliveira v Rikako Yuasa – Yuasa by points

Feather: Semis – Mackenzie Dern v Michelle Nicolini – Dern by submission – choke

Light: Semis – Bia Mesquita v Fabiana Borges – Mesquita by submission knee-bar

Middle: Final – Luanna Alzuguir v Luiza Monteiro – Monteiro by decision

Medium-Heavy:  Andresa Correa v Ana Cordeiro – Cordeiro by points

Heavy: Dominyka Obelenyte v Vanessa Nascimento – Obelenyte by submission choke

Super-Heavy: Semis – Fernanda Mazelli v AlisonTremblay – Mazelli by points

Absolute: Monique Elias v Dominyka Obelenyte – Dominyka by points


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