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UFC 168 takes place on Saturday December 28, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main event being the rematch of Weidman v Silva for the World Middleweight title. As you may remember Weidman Ko'd Silva catching him with a punch, as Silva was doing his antics in the ring. Silva has long been criticized due to his actions that have been taken as disrespecting the opponent, especially after the title match against Demian Maia. While many have criticized Silva's "antics", many have credited the same "antics" as part of his style and an effective tool to confuse his opponents and take advantage of their frustration.

 Yahoo Sports did a very interesting article on Silva and his antics. You can read it here:

Whatever will be the truth and the outcome, it is going to happen in the Octagon, this Saturday night and I for one will be watching it!

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