No Holds Barred: Riccardo Ammendolia on New Plans for ADCC North America

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On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman speaks with Riccardo Ammendolia, the board director of ADCC North America.

The ADCC World Federation ( has recently announced that there is a new board of directors for North America, as well as plans for ADCC North America to run a series of open tournaments in addition to the ADCC North American Championships. The North American Championships will be a qualifying event for next year's ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship, which has long been known as the most prestigious and important grappling event in the world.

We spoke with Riccardo Ammendolia, who is based in Canada, by phone Wednesday about these new plans for ADCC North America. We discussed the open tournaments. which are aimed at grapplers from various styles at all levels of experience. We also discussed the plans for the ADCC North American Championships, which are open to grapplers and submission fighters with three or more years of experience. In addition, we discussed the ADCC rules, how to help make grappling even more popular than it is now, and much more.

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