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On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman once again spoke with Team Lloyd Irvin grappler and fighter DJ "The Kimura Kid" Jackson

(, and radio host and MMA journalist Bob Carson of Carson's Corner (

We were all at the ADCC New York Nationals 2014, which took place Sunday, April 6, in the Fitzgerald Gymnasium at Queens College in Flushing, New York. We spoke with both DJ Jackson and Bob Carson at this event.

It was a big day for DJ Jackson, as he went 5-0 on the day in this grappling competition, including getting two wins by submission. In doing so, he captured both the superfight and the gold medal in the absolute division. He defeated Garry Tonon of Brunswick BJJ in the superfight by a score of 2 to -1. It turned out that both DJ Jackson and Garry Tonon advanced to the absolute finals, setting up a rematch of the day's earlier action. DJ Jackson won again, but this match was closer, with him edging out Garry Tonon by a score of 0 to -1.

"It went as I expected, because Garry's a tough competitor," DJ Jackson said right after his superfight victory. "The goal is always to get a submission, but getting a submission on a top-level competitor is always hard."

Right after his win in the absolute finals, he said, "Garry played it a lot smarter. After points [started, after five minutes], he never came up again, so there was never an opportunity for me to get a takedown for two points. That was real smart."

We also discussed what he learned from these matches and has to work on, his plans for fighting in amateur MMA and eventually professional MMA, and more.

Bob Carson left this event with an excellent impression.

"I was really, really impressed," he said shortly after leaving the gymnasium. "I was impressed with the level of grappling that we saw." He also noted that the ADCC rules made for a top-notch tournament.

"I was really impressed with the camaraderie among competitors. Very, very good sportsmanship," he added. "The individuals running this event made sure we could see all the action."

He did also emphasize, "The big take home story is, of course, DJ Jackson." And we discussed more about the ADCC New York Nationals 2014, grappling and MMA, and much more.

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