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Worlds 2012

With the Worlds 2012 just about a week away there are still many questions up in the air. With many of Alliance’s “A” team still to sign up we wonder:

– Will Marcelo Garcia compete? And if so in which weight category? No matter where he lands, if he is competing Marcelo is an instant favorite and will skew any bracket

– Is “Cobrinha” competing? Many question how his arm is after the Pan 2012 finals arm-lock. Did he injure the arm? If so is it back enough to prepare and compete in the Worlds?

– What category will Bruno Malfacine compete? In an earlier interview with us Bruno stated that he would go back to his natural Rooster weight but there always remains the possibility that he could fight up a weight as he did in the Pan. Awaiting for him in the Rooster most likely will be rival Caio Terra, Rafael Freitas and the Kuraoka brothers amongst others.

– What weight will Kron Gracie compete? Kron got a Silver last year in the light losing the finals to “Durinho” (who is absent this Worlds) so he’d naturally be one of the favorites, however Kron has made a habit of competing in the Medium where he is not as strong or as tall as his opponents.

– Will the Absolute have a rematch of the 2012 World Pro finals Rodolfo Vieira v Andre Galvao or will Bernardo Faria gets his chance at revenge yet once again.

In the ladies Leticia Ribeiro returns to vie for another Worlds Gold as does Kyra Gracie who most likely will once again face Michelle Nicolini as main rival. Bia Mesquita so far looks like a favorite in the category but Luana Alzuguir has yet to sign up. Gabi Garcia is there already signed up and is a favorite to win the weight and category once again

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

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