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Carlson Gracie Black belt and BJJ Revolution co-leader Rodrigo Medeiros recently moved to Hong Kong to face a new challenge. Rodrigo, at the invitation of one of his friends and Black Belts, is heading the Epic Academy MMA and BJJ program. Since moving there in late February, Rodrigo has been busy with the Academy grand opening and organizing all aspects of these programs. Recently Rodrigo came up for air and contacted the “outside” World with news of his progress etc.

Here is what Rodrigo had to say:

“The academy is doing amazing 50 students in 1 week ! We are still adapting ourselves with the Chinese life style . We are living in a island , called Discovery bay, there are no cars and only 15000 people probably half of that kids. Our house is fantastic.

The academy is literally EPIC, after 20 years teaching BJJ, I am working at a Disneyland academy !!

Miss you all !Miss my San Diego life style ,my academy,my students and my friends !Miss as always my family hand friends in RIO. But , one more time , I’ve been holding the opportunities that God put in my hands .

I never run from a challenge, that is my life. Thanks to my parents Armando and Annette for education and encouraging me to face the world . And thanks my lovely wife Renata Mentor Medeiros who is facing this challenge with me .”

Epic Instructors GroupEpic Instructors Group

Rodrigo Getting Arm-barred during the Epic Grand OpeningRodrigo Getting Arm-barred during the Epic Grand Opening

Rodrigo and daughter Sophia durign Grand OpeningRodrigo and daughter Sophia at the Grand Opening

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