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Andre Galvao

Current ADCC World weight and Absolute Champion and multiple times World Champion Andre Galvao had to pull out of the Pan 2012. Galvao has been fighting an injury sustained recently and was trying to power through it and compete in the Pan, however the injury proved to be a bigger obstacle and Andre decided to save himself for the World Pro in Abu Dhabi in April 2012.

Here is what the champ posted on his facebook account:

“Hello guys. I would like to warn you all that I am not fighting the Pan American jiujitsu this year. I’m still dealing with a lesion. I decided to take this decision because I want to be 100% for the World Pro in Abu Dhabi. I really want this title. I am preparing for it and I reviewed here along with my team, family and friends who would not be good I am I risking this competition. I’ll be helping my team as always. Struggling or not I love it. I’ll be competing in Abu Dhabi for sure and also I will be giving a lecture to a person very special to our sport: The great and Excellency Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed. I’ll be a few more days in Abu Dhabi after the competition. Thanks for hanging guys and good luck to all competitors in the Pan “If there is no struggle there is no victory””

It is a bummer to have a top competitor like Andre pull out but the although the division gets easier without Andre there are still huge names present and great matches in the works

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