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Peter with Arnold Schwa

(Peter with Governor Schwarzenegger)

ADCC World Submission Grappling Tournament is getting more and more popularwith each passing edition. This year with the National Championships around theWorld the prestige and notoriety of the event and its winners is reaching newhighs. Proof of this is that recently, at this year’s Arnold Classic event,head referee Peter Baltaliyski received an award from the”Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. ADCC and the Arnold Classicare looking to form a solid relationship for the years ahead and take the sportto a different level. The head of the martial arts division of Arnold Classic Mr.Tokey Hill was there to discuss straightening these laces with Peter.

When asked about the meeting Peter stated: “The Arnold’s want to have ADCCas their event, they want to work with the most professional organization inthe world so they came to us. We did an event which the fighters there liked, Igave a few rules meetings as well as refereed the event. They asked me to cometo the stage and do a speech and then I was honored to meet him and receive theaward from Arnold himself. I grew up with his movies and I knew how great arethe Arnold’s events. Let’s not forget that he was “The Governor”!

Congratulations to Peter and ADCC !

Peter doing the speech with Governor Schwarzenegger

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