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ADCC 2012 New Poster

ADCC committee is always looking for ways to improve theiralready spectacular World leading event. All participants and candidates forfuture events should read this as here is some great leading news about ADCCtournaments:

ADCC will soon be announcing their first Regional Championships for the 2013ADCC Worlds so stay tuned!

Remember, there are only three ways toget into the ADCC World Championships:

#1- Win a Regional Championship.
#2- You are the last year’s ADCC World Championship winner.
#3- You get a Personal Invitation from ADCC.

Here are the Regional Championships that will get you place for ADCC WorldChampionships!

ADCC EuropeanChampionship
ADCC North American Championship
ADCC South American Championship
ADCC Asian Championship
ADCC Oceania Championship

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