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C3 Grappling Pre-Registration Extended Till SUNDAY!!!

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Pre-Registration NowEnds May 2nd for the May 8th Event!!!
Save yourself some time and money on competition
day! Save $10 dollars for Pre-Registration On-line.

Pre-Registration Price
$55 for Adults ($65 at the door)
$35 for Kids ($45 at the door)

All competitors that Pre-Register receive a free t-shirt the day of the event!


C3is coming MAY 8TH!!!

Click Here for a Printable Copy of the Poster

The C3 “TORNEO DE MAYO” BJJ/SW Tournament is coming May 8th,2010 to Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana.
Just like the past three C3 tournaments, we will be giving cash prizes away toall of the adult male absolute winners in
Gi and No-Gi. Thats right.  These divisions are stacked and what betterway to celebrate winning one of these divisions by getting some cash!
Each winner of the Adult Male Absolute Gi will receive cash. This includeswhite belt all the way to black belt (A total of $1400 dollars).  Theseabsolute divisions will be done before the individual weight classes so nobodywill be tired for the absolute brackets.  Award Amounts are $200 forWhite, Blue, and Purple belts; $300 for Brown Belts; $500 for Black Belts.

Each winner of the Adult Male Absolute No-Gi will receive cash. This includesall three divisions: beginner, intermediate, and advanced (A total of $1100dollars).  These absolute divisions will be done before the individualweight classes so nobody will be tired for the absolute brackets.  AwardAmounts are $300 for Beginner and Intermediate; $500 for Advanced. Be aware wewill be watching for sandbaggers (especially in the No-Gi)!
C3 is still one of the cheapest tournaments around and alwaysimproving based on your feedback.  Don’t forget to pre-register, notonly do you save $10 but you also get a free t-shirt!
For more information and directions to the event visit


C3 offers early registration and weigh-ins the night before all grapplingevents!  This will allow competitors to fill out paperwork, pay, andweigh-in the night before!  No more worrying about trying to make weightthe day of the tournament.

Early Door Registration & Weigh-Insfor the May 8th Event will be at IUN (same location as the tournament) from 6to 8 pm on May 7th.


Are you an upper rank grappler and want to earn some quick cash,free advertising for you and your school?  Become a C3 Referee. C3 will pay you to ref for the day and allow you to compete forfree.  We will also put your picture, bio, school logo, andschool info on our website.

CLICK HERE to visit the Referee Page and Submit an application!

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