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East West Fighting Championships Announce Launch Of Online Headquarters: EWFC.CA!

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From EWFC:
Canada’s newest and soon to be number-one mixed martial arts organization, theEWFC (East West Fighting Championships) is proud to announce the launch of, its new onlineheadquarters. will be theonline hub for the East West Fighting Championships – a place where fans canget the lowdown on upcoming events and buy tickets, catch up on past resultsand get a closer look at the fighters associated with this exciting new mixedmartial arts organization.
The EWFC was founded on one of the oldest principles of human nature -geographic rivalry and the passion it instills in people. Since the dawn ofman, brave warriors have fought for sections of land to call their own and havefought to prove it is truly the best.
“Sometimes we will be bringing in invading teams to a group of fighters’ hometurf and sometimes we will be pitting one local region against another,”explained EWFC President, Michael Jones. “The important part is that wewill be offering fans a chance to take sides and to watch five weight divisionsworth of some of the best full-contact fighting in the world.”
Jones says willplay an important role in increasing public awareness of what his organizationhas to offer.
“A big piece of the puzzle for us was a web site where MMA fans could findout about the EWFC and really get some insight into what we’re all about. Wehave that now. is a magnificent online home base for us and I inviteeveryone to check it out. Come and witness all the sights and sounds and imagesof the EWFC as we climb to the top of the mixed martial arts world.”
With events already planned at best-in-class venues in Edmonton, Alberta, andMontreal, Quebec, www.ewfc.cawill serve as the organization’s hub – where all the latest news can be found,as well as video, feature articles and a wide assortment of EWFC apparel andmerchandise.
“We’re going to have special offers on, as well as exclusive content you won’t findanywhere else from some of MMA’s best-known personalities and fighters. Checkit out today!”

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