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Not too long ago there were many competitors that captured the imagination of everyone, going back a decade or so it was Royler, Gurgel, Bitteti, Sperry, Roleta, Wallid that got everyone fired up. Saulo, Nino and others came in after that and bridged over to the time when Comprido, Leozinho, Margarida and others were stars. Pe de Pano, Jacare, Terere followed them and Roger came in with Xande, Garcia, Braulio, Rominho and Galvao (sorry if i missed some names along the way but that is not the point). But nowadays it seems we’re in a slump. Roger and Xande are more focused on MMA, of course Garcia and “Cobrinha” still work their magic and are top stars but they’ve been around winning Gold medals for some time now, Rafael Mendes announced his arrival last year but my question to you is: “Who gets you going these days? Who do you want to see competing?”

I’ve been around the competition rings since the first Pan so I have my opinion but am curious about yours. Let me know! Email or twitter or something but give me your insight.

CheckMat BJJ Happenings

A big event took place this past Saturday CheckMat Main Academy in Sao Paulo. THe event was a super training session focused ont he upcoming big events: “the Pan and the Pro BJJ”. at the end of the training session Jorge Michellan got promoted to Black Belt and to top it off it was the celebration of Leo Vieira’s (Checkmat’s leader) 34th birthday!

The super session was attended by Professors and athletes from many affiliates including Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, ABC, Marília, Santos, Jundiai, Osasco, Itu, and others.

Leo Vieira promotes Jorgen MichelanLeo Vieira promotes Jorgen Michelan

CheckMat GroupCheckMat Group

CheckMat Black BeltsCheckMat Black Belts

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

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