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“Is it just me?” Editorial by Kid Peligro

Is it just me or you also think there are too many unqualified “instructors” putting videos on the web? It wasn’t too long ago there were only a few available sources of instruction such as DVD’s etc and there weren’t enough instructors to satisfy the hunger for knowledge, so many were forced to look for any instruction on the web. Nowadays however, there is a large supply of instructional DVD, books and web videos by qualified instructors. 

Now and then the internet served as a great source of information and instruction, as there are many on line classes with qualified or even great instructors. At the same time however the interenet serves as a source of misinformation. With the ease of access to sites like youtube, anyone qualified or not can post their techniques or worse pass for an “expert” confounding the new practitioners. While abundance of information is not bad, the fact is that some so called “experts” are doing nothing but hurting the art and the ones that follow them. Hurt the art because a poorly informed practitioner is someone that is not getting the full benefit of the art and worse proceeding down a path that maybe difficult to come back and correct many times leading them to quit or get hurt or hurt others.

While the international federation tries to set standards of quality for all, it is virtually impossible to monitor and advise everyone of every possible “false prophet” out in the vastness of the World Wide Web, so it is up to us, everyone really to monitor and alert as many people as possible about bad instruction.

It is up to us who love the art and do many sacrifices to learn from the best and be the best we can be to protect tha art that we love!

That is my opinion, what do you think?

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro


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