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Alliance Exchange

Wanted to train in Brazil with some of the best but didn’t know how? Check out the new Alliance Exchange program by Fabio Gurgel. Come to Sao Paulo and everything will be taken care for you including personal training. Check out the details below:

Leka Vieira Sighting at Royler Seminar

Former World Champion Leka Vieira had disappeared from the BJJ map to start a family. Many were wondering what she was up to and if she was coming back to the mats. Well she was recently seen at a Royler Gracie seminar in Mario Aielo’s Academy. leka looked good and said she is thinking of returning to the mats. Check out the pics:

Leka Vieira with Royler and MarioLeka Vieira with Royler and Mario

Royler Seminar at Aielo's AcademyRoyler Seminar at Aielo’s Academy

Gracie Invitational Europe

The date s for the 2010 Gracie Invitational have been set. With the expansion on the Excel Arena in Docklands completed in late 2009, the space and facilities available for Europe’s 2nd biggest competition will go into overdrive! Officially over 2 days, the competition will offer Gi and No Gi divisions and will be over 8 matted areas.


Event Schedule:
Competition starts at 9:30 am both days CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Day 1: All White Belt weight divisions Blue Belt: Rooster: 57.5kg Super Feather: 64kg Feather: 70kg Medium Heavy: 88.3kg Heavy: 94.3kg Super Heavy: 100.5k Super Super Heavy: over 100.5kg … more

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

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