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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Rickson Seminar – Ginastica East Coast Tour – Fabio Gurgel in Ecuador – Renato “Charuto” in Ohio

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Rickson Gracie Seminar at Pedro Sauer’s Academy

Ginastica Natural East Coast tour

Alvaro Romano, the creator of Ginastica Natural will be touring the East Coast of the USA conducting a seminar series. Don’t miss the chance to learn from the Master. Check out the schedule below:


181 Main Street, Entrance behind Blackstones
Norwalk, CT

For info call (203)993-4633

MARCH 21 TH Sunday- 9am- RIO ACADEMY

95 -East Main St, Rockamaw -11518

For info call 516-593-38-59

March 21 th – Sunday , Afternoon – Kioto academy

512 Rota 112 , suite 512 , Jeffersin Plaza
Port Jefferson

For info call 631-828-56-45

March 24 th – Alexandre “Soca”Carneiro

At the SocaBJJ Academy, we are always open to innovative ways to help develop our atheticism and ultimately improve performance on the mat.

Master Alvaro Romano will be joining us to introduce us to Ginastica Natural with the “Seminar For Fighters”, an athletic seminar developed for fighters and BJJ competitors to develop flexibility, explosiveness, and functional strength for competition.

This seminar is open to all, so please invite anyone who may be interested. We encourage everyone join us for this great opportunity. Learn more at

Ginastica Natural – Seminar for Fighters

Wednesday, March 24th

7:30pm – Be there early and ready to begin on time

Soca Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy – Bellmore, NY

Price: $ 70.00 ($ 60.00 for SocaBJJ Students)

For info call 516-557-28-88

March 28 th , 12 pm – Renzo Gracie Academy – New York
224 west – 30 th street
For info call 212-279-67-24

Fabio Gurgel in Ecuador

The Alliance team General Fabio Gurgel will be visiting Ecuador for two seminars on March 27 & 28 in Guayaquil and Manta. Don’t miss it. For more info call 099 38 40000 or email [email protected]


Fabio Gurgel Author Photo

Renato “Charuto” Verissimo Seminar in Ohio

Renato Charuto, Black belt from Nova Uniao will be teaching a BJJ Seminar in Akron, OH .Charuto is a former UFC fighter and Brazilian National Champion. In addition, he is the brazilian jiu-jitsu coach of the UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn

Date: Sunday, March 21st – Time: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM

For more info contact Dudu Barros at [email protected] or 330-281-9444



If you haven’t checked out the 2009 ADCC Dvd you are missing the boat. The DVD’s production is top notch, that would not be that important if the matches were not off the richter . . . but they are. With 20 hours of program and 117 matches it’ll take you right to the heart of the tournament. It is the next best thing to being there in Barcelona watching it live, actually in many ways it is better because you can watch it in the comfort of you home and repeat the best moves!

To get your copy go to

One Budo’s New Website



Facebook Fan Page:



Basic 12 DVD Released

We are very pleased to announce the launch of Brian Johnson’s (Machado black belt under David Meyer & John Will) first volume in his BJJ series on his “Basic 12 Curriculum.”

For those who are unaware, Brian has structured his curriculum into 12 fundamental positions, with two lessons each position. This is a unique approach in the BJJ world where often instructors have no set curriculum which can lead to frustration and confusion for beginners and fellow teachers alike.

In this first volume (of a planned three volume series) Brian covers the following key fundamental positions:

-Top Control

-Mount To Back

-Closed Guard

-Pass To Mount

Do not be mistaken, these are not meant to be comprehensive tutorials on each given position, but rather serve to introduce the beginning student to the fundamentals of each position, and transition. Of course submissions are included but they are not the focus of the instructional. Rather the focus is on how to gain and MAINTAIN a dominant position!

The brilliance of this DVD is in the teaching formula Brian lays out not only for the student, but also for the teacher of BJJ. Every lesson is done three times showing different angles with clear concise explanations of each movement and position. Instructors will find the teaching guidelines invaluable, as how to teach is a rarely addressed topic in all martial arts.

The DVD is capped off with a warm introduction by Rigan Machado, and some fight footage of Brian using these sound fundamentals to win such prestigious events as Grapplers Quest (3x Black Belt Champ) / 09 World No Gi BB Champ / 08 Silver World No Gi!

For more information visit

Future volumes include the following lessons:

-Side Mount / Knee Ride / Mount Escape / Escape to Guard

-Guard Attacks / Open Guard / Top Attacks / Takedowns

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro




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